Rotronic Logistics

You can search our product database in two modes - direct or advanced. In both cases the search engine will seek within the following product fields: part-number, product title, and product description (in both English and Bulgarian).
In order to work, the search engine must be supplied with at least 3 symbols typed in the search form.

It's the default search mode. The database is searched for full or particular match of the entered phrase. The phrase can be at any place within the words in the above fields.
example: cas is entered in the search field.
Result will contain all products which contain this string in at least one of the above fields - e.g. cas, case, casing, ucase and so on.
You can enter more than one word into the input field - for example, UTP cable, but they will always be searched in the same sequence as they have been typed. This means, if somewhere in the database a product named UTP cable, 5m exists, it will be returned, but if it is named cable UTP, 5m, it will not be matched.
We suggest using of the direct mode in the cases when you are sure you know the exact phrase, when you search by part-number, or when you want to list an entire product group - for example, if you type 21.15, the results will contain all our networking cables, because their part-numbers contain this string.

To activate the advanced search mode you must check the checkbox in left of the "Search!" button. This mode allows you to better tune up our search engine using the special characters described below, so you can get exactly the products you need.

+: Will list all products containing the word that follows the plus sign in either part-number, product title or product description
-: The products containing the word after minus sign in either the above fields will be excluded from the results
*: allows you to search for a particular match. Note that the asterick sign must follow the part of the word you are searching for - for example, cable* is right, but *cable or cab*le is wrong

example 1: cable lvd case is entered (without special characters)
result: All products which contain at least one of these words (but not part of words) will be returned. The more the words entered the more products will be returned, but your search will be less effective. For example - this search will return all computer cases no matter their titles or descriptions contain the words lvd or cable. In the same way the search results will contain all LVD products and cables.

example 2: +cable lvd is entered
result: Will be returned all products which contain or not the word lvd, but contain the word cable.

example 3: +cable +lvd +case is entered
result: All the products which contain all three words will be returned - no matter of the sequence in which the are saved. This quite effective way - if you enter
+utp +cable (or +cable +UTP), you will find the UTP cables no matter how they are named - as UTP cable or Cable UTP

example 4: +cable +UTP -FTP is entered
result: Result will contain all UTP cables excluding those which are of FTP type

example 5: +cable +inter* is entered
result: This will list all products which contain the
cable word in some of their fields and contain an additional word, beginning with inter string (interference, internet, internal)