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rotronic logoROTRONIC (founded in 1965) is not only recognised as a manufacturer and distributor of electronic and electromechanical products, but also as a dedicated distributor for computer cables, networking components and accessories with its ROLINE brandname.

ROTRONIC Logistics AG has several companies situated in the following countries: purchase office in Taiwan, sales offices in Germany, France, England and the headquarters are located in Switzerland.

With our bonded warehouse in Germany we can supply all products direct from stock.

Because of our own purchase office in Taiwan we have direct access to the Far East market and have established a long-term relationship with more than 120 different manufacturers.

distr logoRotronic Logistics delivers all its products here, in Bulgaria thanks to its local official distributor, Comel Soft Multimedia Ltd.

Comel Soft is known as one of the most innovative company that you can find in the Bulgarian IT Market. To contact Comel Soft, use the following contact details:


1517 Sofia, Bulgaria, Alexander Ekzarh. 15
+359 2 816-49-10, 15; 400-59-10, 15; fax +359 2 816-49-16; 400-59-16

Retail Stores:
1000 Sofia, Bulgaria, G. S. Rakovsky Str. 130
+359 2 981-31-71; 981-41-36; fax +359 2 988-01-00

none; Web Site URL:

iso thumbQuality as a must!

Our policy regarding quality orientates itself around the needs of our customers and long term, well-established relationships with our suppliers. Our interpretation of quality, and therefore our company policy is to ensure customer satisfaction and to also ensure that the management team and all employees are willing to learn from any mistakes so as to avoid making them in the future.

The high standards of quality and service continually achieved at ROTRONIC were officially approved in 1995 with the awarding of a ISO 9001 certificate.

This certificate was renewed for the second time in May 2001 according to the new ISO 9001 / 2000 standards.

Within our bonded warehouse in Ettlingen Germany, there are more than 10'000 pallett spaces available. Optimum availability and delivery of computer accessories is therefore guaranteed.
Our international warehouse in the middle of Europe gives us the best possibility to transport the products very fast in all European Countries.

Warehouse Pictures:
warehouse 1 warehouse 2 warehouse 3
warehouse 4 warehouse 5 warehouse 6

Here is Rolina...
...charming and without a doubt beautiful. The youngest member at ROTRONIC is always smiling and ready to help meet all customer requirements.
rolina 1 rolina 2 rolina 3 rolina 4
Be it computers and accessories, measuring equipment, mechanical or electronic industrial hardware or mobile phones and accessories that require, Rolina is always there to help you within all of our departments.
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roline logo

Branded articles from our ROLINE range are produced especially for the demanding requirements of industrial use.
In relation to price and performance our products are extremely attractive and we offer a 2 year guarantee.

blue line logo

blue line pictureBLUE LINE
The Features of this Product Line are as follows:

  • Your Language Description on the Packaging
  • Your individual Article Number
  • Your or your Customers Logo on the Front
  • EAN Barcode
  • Strong, Space saving and "Eye Catching" Packaging
  • Possibility to integrate your own Specific Products to the Assortment

value logo

The Value range offers you our best possible price in relation to the performance and quality.
Our Value range is for those who need a cost effective product for standard office/home applications, not for use in a critical or industrial environment.
When you need a good product for the best possible price, choose our Value Line


The BAFO products rack conveniently displays all the required computer products.
The right solution for all computer shops - increase your sales and maximise your profit!

  • Eye Catching Point of Sales
  • Consumer Friendly
  • Space Efficient
  • Fast Sellers
  • Minimum 3 Years Warranty
  • Product informing Packaging
  • More Profit - Less Space
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